Create a standalone Application beside TYPO3-Rector to modify Non-PHP Files (like TypoScript, FlexForms etc.) based on Major Upgrade Rules

by Sebastian Schreiber

What is your idea about?

Simplification of major TYPO3 Upgrades

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q2 2024?

Have a fully functional application with all TypoScript, Yaml, FlexForm rules backported from TYPO3 Rector 1.x

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?

Less hassle with TYPO3 Upgrades. Less older TYPO3 Versions laying around means less security issues overall.

Which budget do you need for your idea?
7.500 Euro


@sschreiberten Iā€™m glad that your suggestion was approved! I highly support that!

I think this will really make the life of developers and integrators easier.

+1 for this request

To explain the reason for this budget request: TYPO3 Rector relies on Rector but unfortunately that project has dropped support for other files than PHP recently. Therefore we need our own solution to support TypoScript, YAML, etc.


Thank you for the explanation. I was wondering.

Great idea! Should make our life easier during an Upgrades!

I think this is really neccessary since rector dropped non-php support.

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We started using TYPO3 Rector in 2022, and it make our life so much easier to maintain/upgrade extensions and websites. We even use it in dry-run in our CI.
If the new version is dropping rules for non-PHP files, it would be awesome to fund a standalone application to have those again!

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