Copying page to new server

I’m fairly new to Typo3 and could use some guidance. Is it possible to move an entire page (and all it content elements) from one server to another? Say from a development environment to a production environment. Currently we create a new page, new content element and copy all the text/content into it. I was hoping there was a more efficient way.
Thanks for your help with this.

i never tried it myself so i’m not sure if it works perfectly but:
right click on the page in the page tree, select more options and Export to .t3d

Why note copy the database and all files, fileadmin and typo3conf to the new instance, shold work out of the box.

For our Team we have the following guiding principle:
Code flows from development to production
Content flows in the opposite direction (from production to development)

So if we need a new page we create it hidden in production.

Here is an overview of our workflow
We have 4 stages

  • development (ddev local)
  • QA (where changes are reviewed)
  • staging/pre production (to test our code deploys)
  • production

Then we have the following automated process

  1. script creates a nightly backup (sql+fileadmin)
  2. From this backup a cleaned up development-dump is created (sensitive data is stripped cache and log tables are removed)
  3. The dump is put on an sftp server.
  4. Staging fetch and updates development dump every night. So we have near realtime data
  5. QA importorts the dump every Sunday night. So a change which requires content changes has a week to be accepted
  6. Developer import a new dump when they need it.

Thanks for the responses. We are having a new server built with a new version of Typo3 (v10). I was wondering if you can point me to documentation on migrating our existing web site to the new server. I will try the Export/Import, but I was wondering if there is a more automated way. Is using database scripts to copy data an option?
Thanks for your help with this.

there is a difference between copying a subtree of a TYPO3 instance into another TYPO3 instance (same version!) and updating a TYPO3 instance to a newer version (on another server). And mixing it would be even more complicated.

for moving a subtree the best idea is export/import (if possible, as there are some restrictions about the size. maybe split into smaller chunks)

For updating copy the whole system (Database, folderes AND TYPO3 version) to the new server, then do an update of the TYPO3 version there, which includes data migration and adaption.

If you need only a subtree with a new version: make a copy, reduce the database to the desired subtree (keep neccesary records and folders containing page configuration!). then provide the update.