Condition chaining - [end] only at the end

I need to set a variable depending on the applicationContext, and this works in TYPO3 v10.4:

[applicationContext == "Development/Testing"]
   page.footerData.50.value = 3
[applicationContext == "Production/Staging"]
  page.footerData.50.value = 3
[applicationContext matches "/^Development/"]
  page.footerData.50.value = 4

I am not using [end] after each [applicationContext], which is not documented as being possible.

So I wonder if my TS is syntactically correct, or if it just accidentally works

Conditions in TypoScript worked since ever in this way.
This may be a result from implicit inserting [end] at different places like the end of any typoscript area (from a file or a template record).
As this behaviour has changed in newest TYPO3 it might not be valid any more.
As the conditions are Symphony conditions this might be a source for more information.