[CLOSED] Deletion criteria for the Wiki

This is a followup for my previous posts 1 and 2 because I think we need to be more specific about what gets deleted and what does not.

Suggestion for deletion criteria (Wiki)

Ideally, we do not need these phases and could do it all at once. That would be far easier and less work. But I think some of these decisions will take some time, and we should maybe also communicate them before we execute them to give the community some time.

Phase 1

This can be removed now without further decision

  • Off topic: This is documentation for things which are not TYPO3-specific and are already documented very well elsewhere. For example various information about Linux, Webservers, Git etc. that is not TYPO3 specific. (e.g. “chown and chmod”, “restart your webserver”).
  • elsewhere: This is mostly documentation which is already documented elsewhere on docs.typo3.org. Here we should check carefully, if the Wiki page still contains useful information that is not on docs.typo3.org. If not, we can redirect and delete. A lot of things have already been redirected to contribution guide and removed.
  • draft state: Things that are in a draft state (e.g. have {{draft}} tag) and have been that way for > 2 years.
  • to be deleted: pages that already have the {{delete}} or {{outdated}} tag

Phase 2

I think this needs a decision and go ahead from someone higher up in the foodchain, aka association or GmbH.

Phase 3

This needs a more general decision what the Wiki will be used for. All other things can then be deleted. This should be communicated well in advance.


This decision is no longer relevant because the Wiki will soon be removed.

AFAIK, this is the current status:

  • the exceptions have been migrated to docs.typo3.org
  • a mechanism was set up to automatically create new exception pages.
  • the top accessed Wiki pages have been migrated and redirects added
  • a number of obsolete pages have been removed, some redirects to docs.typo3.org added.

The Wiki is scheduled to be removed, a notification is being displayed - for some time now.

A news entry will soon be published on typo3.org with more information.

I will mark this decision as [CLOSED]