Change the "fileadmin" public url

Hello all,
unfortunately parts of our website (mainly files) are blocked by the microsoft edge browser. Despite messages to the microsoft support we are not able to unblock all pages. Even “” is blocked.
My last idea now is to rename the url of /fileadmin.
Unfortunately I find very little information about this on the internet. Do I have to rename the folder and then change the [BE][fileadminDir]? Can I also change the base URI via the driver configuaration and thus the resulting link?

I am grateful for any help.

Typo3 version 10.4.27

TYPO3 uses file storages, that means virtual folders. the default storage is fileadmin.
All filereferences are stored as uid of filestorage and relative path of the storage.

In an empty installation (new website) I would recommend to add another file storage and use only this one. (remove access from the default file storage for all editors).

In a full installation (e.g. copy of somewhere) you either need to reassign all files
or you change the record for the default file storage (in root page) and rename the folder accordingly.

Are you sure there is no .htaccess rule or something that blocks access to fileadmin? I can’t believe that the browser blocks access to fileadmin.

Yes I am sure. It is blocked by the “Microsoft Defender SmartScreen”. In any other browser it works without problems.

So it is enough to rename the folder and set the variable [BE][fileadminDir] correctly?

Give it a try on a test system and see what happens :wink: Be sure to also rename the storage record accordingly