Change font globally for the whole page

Hello Community
I spent a whole day googling to find out how to change the font for a complete new Typo3 site with Bootstrap Package and Introduction Package.
I am at a loss and would be very grateful for some advice.

My installation:
Typo3 Version 10.4
Bootstrap Package Version 11.0.2
The official Introduction Package Version 4.2.0

The specification from the customer is that a custom font must be local on the server and all content must be displayed with this font.

I copied the font to the server in the folder /fileadmin/fonts/ and it is available in the format woff and woff2. There is also a css file with the css font_face declaration in there.

I have deactivated the GoogelFont integration:
page.theme.googleFont.enable = 0

I hope someone knows how to do this or has links to instructions. I’m getting desperate about this.
Thanks in advance
Greetings Kurt

You can easily add your own custom CSS (with the including font_face declaration) with TypoScript:

page.includeCSS.custom = fileadmin/fonts/yourfile.css

For more options, see:

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Hi Thom

I had already read the CSS variant somewhere and tested it for myself. Only when I read your post with the link did I realise that I had to enter it in the “Setup” and not in the “Constants” of the template. This mistake happens to me again and again. I don’t know what exactly the difference is. But it works now. Thank you very much. :+1: :hugs:

Greetings Kürä

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It’s quite easy:

“Setup” is for the whole processing in Frontend. “Constants” are only configuration possibilities which are handled by “Setup”.

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