Certification Team starts working on the certification process

Fri. 25th August, 2006

Background In recent years TYPO3 has been growing fiercely, from a very good basic system into an extended enterprise capable CMS. The community has grown from 25 young programmers in 2000 to tens of thousands of community members in 2006 in over 65 countries and with it the number of TYPO3 'integrators' also in the thousands. For clients or prospects it becomes more and more difficult to judge the competence of such an integrator Is he worth the tariffs asked, does he have the right skills and experience needed for the job? In most competence fields of the IT business developers and their companies at least can be judged by their certificates. If someone is a certified J2EE developer you're to a certain extend able to assess what he or she is able to accomplish. In the Open Source field in recent years also projects became aware of this necessity so we now have for example Certificates for Linux or MySQL developers. As one of the major players in the eCMS market TYPO3 has to live up with this thrive for quality. It is good for clients and so it is for the reputation of TYPO3 which on its turn will have a positive effect on all companies and freelancers implementing the system. So it was decided by the board of the TYPO3 Association to take action. After a selection process out of a number of volunteers from the TYPO3 Association Supporting members team members were selected and the team was formed.

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