Category module with tree and list panel


Working with categories is a great thing. Currently categories can be assigned to different kind of records (e.g. content, news) where those records might be spread over various pages. Sometimes it would be handy to view all records (spread over various pages) for certain category selections in one panel. For this a module for category browsing/editing could be created.

Tree panel

Similar to showing a tree of pages with the page or list module the category module would show categories in a tree form. Clicking a branch would show a list from all records belonging to that category in the list panel. More branches should be selectable by pressing the ctrl-key.

List panel

The list panel could be as it is from the list module.

Do you also want to manage categories? Like adding, editing, removing? Because that is something users of our projects really want. Having that combined in one module sounds great to me.

Maybe placed under WebInfo Module like Pagetree overview → Record overview, or like search in list module, where all records can be edited.

I like the idea of using a category-tree just like we have the page-tree in the page-module so far. Inside the tree it would also be easily possble to create a new sub-category somewhere or re-assign a category to another parent-category (moving it inside the tree, just like the page-tree). And going into that category would filter records by that category.

The records listed inside the selected category would then appear like in the current list-view, right? So imho it would not be a separate module but an extension to the current list-module? How about extending the filter-functionality for the list-module so that you can open a “category-filter” (category-tree)? This could be combined with “only from selected page-subtree” or a global search - so for example you could only find records of a certain category that live in a certain subtree or even a certain site in a multisite-pagetree.

I am in favor of a separate module because if you want a central place where to manage categories and all the related work people should do with categories, it is better IMHO to have a separate module (instead of something inside web>info).
My other two cent: look at EXT:news module as source of inspiration, maybe?

At least a module for sorting the categories in a page tree like way would be awesome.
Users always got problems in a more complex tree moving categories and sorting them beneath a parent.

Great idea anyway :slight_smile:

I’m quite fond of the idea, even though I never gave a thought about it until now.

IMHO this should be a whole module instead of a submodule of “Web”, since this requires a different tree than the page tree. What do you think?

I also like the idea, especially the idea of a tree-like view like the page tree with the items assigned to categories displayed like in the list module (with direct editing capabilities). Also, drag and drop support for assigning items to other categories would be great.

Thank you for the posts so far. At the moment I have difficulty to free up time for this project. If somebody has the possibility to push it, please feel free to start.