Best storefront solution?

Hi !
I’m totally new to Typo3.
I’m planning to hook up a Raspberry Pi to a screen in a store to display pricing info, shcedules, etc.
The store website is running on Typo3.

What would be the best way to get these infos and display them through the Raspberry Pi ?

Any help is welcome,
Thanks !


there are kiosk systems out there. They should be able to start a web browser without a UI (Full screen) with a defined URL.
That way you could open a website of your TYPO3 to show the info.

E.g. search for “raspberry pi kiosk webbrowser”.

Does that help?

We have displays to show which event is taking place in which room.
Aside from a browser which starts full-screen and with a given URL you might need a refresh depending on frequency of changes.
As our schedule is based on 15 minutes blocks a refresh every 5 minutes is enough to display changes even ‘short time’ for the day.

Yes, thank you very much !