Announcing TER cleanup process

Tue. 29th January, 2013

Everybody recognizes this situation: you're looking for an extension with a certain functionality and after you've installed it all kinds of errors appear about missing functions or even worse, you only see a blank page. Further investigation shows that the extension isn't compatible with your TYPO3 version. For a long time extensions can set the TYPO3 version(s) they are compatible with. Unfortunately not many extension authors use that setting. You could take a look at the date of publication, but even that won't be a sure sign.

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You can set the minimum for a version of TYPO3 which is not supported anymore, but then the maximum must be within the supported range. You cannot set a maximum outside the range of supported versions.

I think there is a problem there. If I set it like

‘constraints’ => [
‘depends’ =>[
‘typo3’ => ‘9.5.0-11.999.999’,
‘setup’ => ‘9.5.0-11.999.999’,

Then it is not accepted and says “Error 209: Extension does not have a dependency for a supported version of TYPO3. See for how to fix this.” Probalby it does not like 11.999.999. But this should be allowed because I would not like to update the ext for every minor TYPO3 update… :frowning: