An easy to use Extension Builder

Tue. 6th November, 2018

What is your idea about?

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Why don’t you release it as Open Source for the first versions?

With enough funding, and interest from community, I sure can make it Open Source. For now the concept is available on

So why reinvent the wheel and not improve the extension builder? What is missing there?

Where do you use the budget for? You say you already built the tool and is waiting to be released. Is it to cover the development time you’ve already spend?

Hello Richard,

Yes exactly, I want to cover part of the development costs.

This tool is now pre-launched at You can use the import option and the GUI, build option will be enabled soon.

On a long run I want to push this tool to open-source, but today my main aim is to recover the development costs.

Hello George,

My vision was not just extension_builder/ExtBase, but to reduce the initial development costs for many other frameworks. So extension_builder was not a good fit for this specific vision I had. This tool will slowly cover many front-end frameworks as well. As informed to Richard, I want to make it open-source as soon as I cover my development costs.

By the way, pre-launch registrations are also open, to have a look at the GUI.

I guess it is mandatory according to TYPO3 by-laws to have the development covered under open source licenses in the first place. As far as I understood the project will be hosted on - but not on - correct?

Hello Oliver,

As informed, we can make this project open-source if our current development cost of is fully taken care. In such case the builder tool, as well as the project designer can be hosted on
The CodCifer project will then be be separated out, which can cater to other frameworks.

Please have a look at the promotional videos and GUI usage videos at our channel:

I am open to suggestions and changes. Do let me know your response and interests.