ACL UX/UI Improvements

by Łukasz Uznański

What is your idea about?

This budget idea is based on feedback gathered from a survey that was taken during our previous work on the ACL budget idea. Community members pinpointed a lot of enhancements which could be implemented in the UX/UI area of backend user and groups management modules. We would like to simplify and optimize user experience in these modules with cooperation with the core UX team.

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q2 2024?

  • Communication with UX team to work out common vision on changes to interface
  • Changes in layout, more condensed, more horizontal (tabs, etc.)
  • Add search above each list of items (filtering)
  • Combine tables (listing) and tables (modify) into single one with 2 checkboxes next to each other
  • Preview of a form of a given record type based on exclude fields
  • Merge Access module into Backend Users (possibly also rename it)
  • Add possibility to add users directly within user group
  • We have more possible improvements based on community survey results which we can pick if there is enough time

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?

The potential impact of our idea is to make managing users and groups much easier and more intuitive for everyone. By making the system simpler to navigate and adding helpful features like quick search, we expect to see happier users who can get their tasks done faster and with less hassle. This could lead to a smoother experience for all users, aligning perfectly with our goal of making our platform more user-friendly and efficient.

Which budget do you need for your idea?

10.000 Euro


I would like to announce that core patch related to previous ACL budget idea, which allows you to install predefined groups, just got merged!

You can check it here

also, I link documentation which is result from previous budget idea Permissions Management — Getting Started main documentation

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We decided to include our research in the TYPO3 official documentation to ensure it remains accessible and doesn’t get lost in unofficial sources. This allows the section on setting up permissions, now published, to be updated and improved as needed. We hope this encourages more community involvement.

Regarding our patch and the predefined backend user groups, after consulting with core developers, we opted for a straightforward approach for the time being. This decision aligns with plans to introduce a concept of general record presets in the TYPO3 codebase. Upon the implementation of this feature, we aim to enhance the permissions setup, making it more robust, either through CLI or GUI.

We wanted to divide our work into three parts: