ACL - presets for extensions

by Łukasz Uznański

What is your idea about?

This budget idea is based on feedback gathered from a survey conducted during our previous work on ACL budget ideas. We would like to implement a system that allows the author of an extension to deliver access presets for extension models and custom fields. This is the third part of our plan to improve ACL management in TYPO3.

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q3 2024?

Implementation of access presets:
Develop and integrate a system that allows authors to create and deliver access presets for extension (fields, modules etc), incorporate into TYPO3 core in collaboration with core team.

Prepare UI for applying presets in the access module
We want to prepare a UI that allows administrators to apply presets from extensions onto user groups.

Project documentation:
Deliver documentation, including implementation details and user guides.

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?

Implementing access presets for extensions in TYPO3 will streamline permission management and promote consistency across installations, significantly reducing administrative effort and errors.

The TYPO3 community will benefit from easier onboarding, increased productivity, thanks to standardized access controls and comprehensive documentation.

Which budget do you need for your idea?
10.000 Euro

Please note: After the start of the voting we can not change the idea description nor the idea outcome. If this idea is selected by the members, it must be archived as described.

Extension models are used ~90% in frontend. So, you wish to have ACL on a column base for frontend?

Hi, probably a bit misleading word model was used here.
The general idea is to give an extension author API to register permissions presets for the records he provides.
So for example as an author of a News extension, you will be able to define like 2-3 (or more if needed) permission presets, for example: basic, advanced, full. This is just an example, the API will allow to define human-readable names for them with translation support etc.

Those presets will be listed in the backend group form, where you can click and apply some of them to the given group. So you don’t have to go through various permission sections and check multiple checkboxes etc. Instead by using a preset, all the checkboxes related to the given preset will be checked. You can then uncheck some or check more if needed.

So we do not talk here about frontend and the extbase models, but TCA and what you will see in the backend forms.

If you have more questions, please ask :slight_smile:

When we were starting work on the ACL improvements plan, I have created this diagram.
We are now talking about the Permission Preset box (to give you a wider overview).