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Sun. 28th October, 2018

What is the idea about?

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Who will organize the sprints and coordinate the teams that participate in these common sprints?

As a budget owner, I would take care, to find someone or will organize by myself.

What does the requested budget cover?

The budget should mainly cover hotel, food and appreciation for organization. Travel costs should be covered by the budgets of the teams, which are attending.

What kind of sprints do you have in mind? code sprints? sprints for which teams?

Great idea! Always welcome at MaxServ, Waalwijk, NL to have a code-sprint!

Basically it is planned, that every team can attend that sprint location. So we could cover many scenarios:

  • one (or more) teams just sprint at the same location, each with its own agenda
  • two (or more) teams setup a combined agenda to achieve project or goal.
  • use this kind sprints to onboard new contributors at different team

Even if the teams have to a common agenda, it is often very fruitful, to haven an exchange. And additionally it enables the TYPO3 spirit.

ok, so your idea is, you will organize a location, anywhere in world at date and different teams, like core team, marketing team, server team, “somewhere else” can attend and can work together.
So the idea is a bit like the UXW without the UX topic, right?

I now try to find some global / bigger topics where this make sense. My fear is that every team is sitting in its own room next to each other but not collaborate, which is your idea.

But thanks, I guess I understand your idea now.

Love this idea!

I remember it was really difficult for my team to meet this year because most of the time, only 2-3 of us could join at the same time. That is not worth the organizational effort, so we decided to meet remotely.

Having more people at the same location means that we have more reasons to participate at a sprint. Like it!

Hi Frank, yes that’s totally it. I had such a good experience during the sprints, whenever we had combined sprints (f.e. with the design or server team).

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I think this is a great idea. What I would like to see are sprints where there is a common goal defined and where the sprint is open to non-team-members as well, who might have ideas and are willing to participate.

Additionally, I think for some topics it might be a good idea to specifically target new people as well to get feedback from people moving to TYPO3. What frustrates them? What are the pitfalls? When are they about to give up? What’s cool and unique about TYPO3? What do we need to do more?

I have some ideas for common topics, but that’s beyond the scope of a comment.