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This category is for decisions concerning TYPO3 documentation on https://docs.typo3.org.
Before opening a new topic:

  • Please check with Documentation Team in Slack channel #typo3-documentation first. The reason is that there are already quite a few open issues, ongoing tasks and open decisions and we would like to handle these first before we add more.
    Participate in existing topics:
  • Everyone is welcome to join and add comments, not just Documentation Team members.
  • A decision can be looked at from various aspects, e.g. easy maintainability, usability etc. For this reason, it is useful to get input that is as diverse as possible (e.g. editors, developers, integrators, new users, experienced core developers, usability experts, designers, professional copywriters etc.)
  • If you have nothing to add and simply agree with the initial post or one of the comments: just vote by liking it (with the heart emoticon). This keeps the discussion terse and to the point.