About the Discuss Topics category

Archived category migrated from decisions.typo3.org (see Consolidating decisions.typo3.org Into talk.typo3.org)

Category for discussing topics that need a core decision. Topics can be created by Core Team Members. Everyone is invited to suggest topics for discussion in Slack via #typo3-cms-coredev - once a Core Team Mentor is found s/he is responsible for creating the discussion topic and managing the process.
Discussion phase for every new topic is 4 weeks at most. The discussion initiator is responsible for moderating the discussion thread and updating the topic description regularly with the results of the discussion.


If you have a topic that needs a discussion and ultimately a decision by the core (team) as a core team member you can create a topic here. Please adhere to the discussion template when creating new topics. To get more attention for your discussion, go ahead and announce it on slack in the coredev channel.

After the discussion phase the result should be:

  • Full description of the topic in the original post with results from the discussion
  • Responsible core team member

The core team member responsible for the topic is in charge for the next steps. He or she has to re-create the topic in the voting area and initiate the core team voting about the topic. If you don’t have one at the beginning, don’t worry, you can still start the discussion. During the discussion you should see whether there is someone in the core team who wants to be in charge of the topic.

Members with a trust level of 4 (which is earned by participating in discussions) are also allowed to vote.