A New Way to Manage Your Public Extensions in the TYPO3 Extension Repository

The TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) contains a list of all publicly available TYPO3 extensions, registered or uploaded by TYPO3 users. TYPO3 Extensions have been around since TYPO3 v3.5 and are the backbone of TYPO3 flexibility.

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Thanks to Benni, Oli and all other involved. This is a big step forward after refactoring the whole SOAP backend.
It feels like a christmas gift. I hope there will be many people using that new API, especially in CI use cases.

Awesome work guys! Big #t3kudos to everybody involved!

This is really cool. Thanks.

Will this also create the zip file that is needed similar to ter-client?

Yes correct. If you use the CLI tool to publish a new extension version, it will automatically create the necessary zip file. Either from your current working directory or from any other path. It’s even possible to use existing artefacts, which means, if you have released a new version on GitHub you can use the automatically generated zip archive as remote artefact. The CLI tool will then transform it into a proper file, accepted by the REST API respectively the TER.

Super. Sounds really great.
Thanks for all your work.

This sounds very useful. Will definitely give it a try.

Wonderful! Historical step to make modern API-based TER deployment solution. Now, it will be effortless for us to auto-deploy CI/CD. Thanks to all contributors.