A First Glimpse of TYPO3 v11

TYPO3 v11 System Requirements and Release Dates.

While you’re enjoying TYPO3 v10 LTS, released in April 2020, we are working on the next version—TYPO3 v11.

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Thank you guys, we can not wait for TYPO3 v11 to come for Christmas!

Does incorporating ideas of the Structured Content Initiative also mean we will get structured content / “gridelements” / “fces” or similar in any flavor in version 11?

Hi Matthias,

the UX group of the Structured Content Initiative is currently working on wireframes and a technical concept for dynamic grids. We hope to have a solution (either as an extension or maybe even in the core) until the feature freeze for TYPO3 v11.

Our Content Block Creation group has recently created an extension (currently still in alpha) for the Content Blocks registration API and keeps working on it. It will probably remain an extension for TYPO3 v11, but we hope to have it ready to be applied in real projects until then.

You can track our progress in our roadmap: https://typo3.org/community/teams/typo3-development/initiatives/structured-content/roadmap
We are also happy for anyone willing to contribute, e.g. by testing our stuff and giving feedback!

Where can I find more information about the multifactor auth ideas?

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@pgampe we’re currently cleaning up the existing code base, there are a few PoC extensions and ideas in discussion. Feel free to jump in our discussions on “#mfa-in-core” in Slack

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