Would anyone read my findings if I documented my newbe installion?


My name is Edo. Pleased to meet you. Glad to be in such a splendid group of people.

During the last couple of days I installed TYPO3 at least five times. All goes well until it doesn’t. I am an editor and I wanted to create my own sandbox. I own a very small communication agency. Most of the websites I work on are WordPress based. I am quiet aware that you know better then I do, WordPress is the antagonist of TYPO3. I love how well TYPO3 handels multisite installations, svg, etc.

As I said all goes well until it doesn’t. It’s probably me. No. It is me. I think my RTFM problem caused that I had to start all over.

After this long intro…

I am thinking of documenting me installing TYPO3, with settings, screencaps, etc. To show you how a newbe handels the installation. But only if someone here thinks the effort has some potential. What do you think?

Thank you for having me here.



That’s no. Glad I asked.

I think you should contact the documentation group:

Thank you for replying Bernd. The meaning of my step-by-step documentation of the proces is not to show others how to it. I want to offer the community how I install TYPO3 as an outsider. Tell them how I experience the proces. I for one as a noob, I think the installation is not hard. But getting the cms to work properly is. For instance, if I set the chmod the way the cms tells me is considered perfect, I get 403’s. Frontend and backend. I am sure I do something wrong. If I show the community what I do wrong it will help them offering advice to the noobs that will come after me.

I like TYPO3. I like it a lot. I would even turn my (WordPress) company website into TYPO3 if had enough faith in it’s stability. It would be great to have one installation for four localizations (only two languages). I am sure it is stable, but I can’t trust it enough yet. That trust will grow the moment I can solve my own problems. And that can only be if I acquire more knowledge. The knowledge will grow in time, but once I can solve my own problems I won’t be able to make the same mistakes I make now. That is why I offered to document my proces.

Therefore you should contact the documentation team. They need feedback where the documentation needs to be enhanced, that a newbie like you can continue and solve the problems.
That even can result in changes of the installation process.

Otherwise I can just recommend to contact people on slack or stackoverflow to get a solution for your specific problems. There are more people who can help and who are online regulary.

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I might do that. Cheers!