TYPO3Camp in Poland - Our first success to inject our TYPO3 enthusiasm into others

Sun. 27th October, 2013

The keynote for the conference was presented by one of our special guests, Ben van 't Ende. He talked about how important is to communicate and trust each other and urged us to focus more on the positive actions of others. Thanks to Ben the audience could understand how the TYPO3 community works and what opportunities are available for getting in the TYPO3 project. The line-up for the event was diversified, it covered not only to TYPO3 technical issues e.g. development with continuous integration & deployment (by T. Nietsch), working on a variety of development environments (by K. Szymukowicz), unit and functional tests (by T. Motylewski), using Apache SOLR (by T.Grzemski) but also combined technical and business issues - TYPO3 Neos features (by R. Lemke) and challenges of responsive web design (by A. Cichosz).

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