TYPO3 v9.4.0 released

To learn more about the new features, changes and improvements of TYPO3 version 9.4, have a look at the TYPO3 What’s New Slides or the detailed technical change log.

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Very exited to see the speaking URL feature in the core! Great work!

A small question: will it be possible to generate FE links from the BE context?

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Exactly. URLs describe resources - no matter whether being used in a front-end, back-end or command line context…

Awesome I’m very excited to have a look at the new routing features!

It seems like adding frontend_editing to the core has been removed from the roadmap and is not being mentioned at all, is there any special reason or just not ready yet? Will the frontend_editing development move back to github?

Great to see the new features that made it into 9.4.0!
But what happened to the Front-End-Editing that did not make it into 8.7 LTS? Has this just silently been removed?

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Right, FrontEnd editing has disappeared not only from the 9.4 but doesn’t show up in the Roadmap anymore !

Cool! Is there a way to auto generate url segments / slugs on (all) existing pages?

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Also wondering about Frontend Editing. Used it as a important selling point to stand out from other CMS. I was even waiting for 9.4 to give a demo for a possible big customer next week. Could be a “downer”.

Finally, routing from the core! Awesome!! Will speaking URLs also be supported for plugins/extensions?

When will it be available through composer? [edit: base distribution is not up to date yet … sorry for the inconvenience]

You can use 8.7 with the extension installed or 9 with the code from https://review.typo3.org/#/c/57119/ which kind of works (I had to make some changes to get all the features working, still not perfect though).

Great to see this release. But I’m still worried about the speaking urls. Will 9 LTS support speaking urls for extensions as well including variables in the path? Realurl will have no 9 LTS support and speaking url support for extensions is a must feature. The feature in 9.4 seems to be pretty basic and only for pages but without support for plugins from extensions. Am I right? This would be a step backward from the current status with 8 LTS + realurl. Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward seeing build in speaking url support but customers will not accept a half baked support.

Using 8.7 isn’t an option. Besides Frontend Editing are Redirects, SEO, Site Handling and the new type of admin important. And I can’t see the time to do any fixing of the code. They have seen a demo of Frontend Editing in 8.7. Have to do some “white lies”.

But thanks for the link.

I too hope this will be clarified, or at least if it is not possible by default, I think we should at least be able to fund some devs to create a plugin to allow this in an easy way.

I’ve seen that a new TCA type “slug” has been introduced, so I wonder if that would be the solution?

In any case, a video (wink wink) about this new feature would be cool, since I don’t think it got the love this huge feature deserves yet.

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I so do understand, that URL routing is not ready yet? …because I see /content-examples/form-elements/login?tx_felogin_pi1 and /news/detail?tx_news_pi1%5Bnews%5D=7&tx_news_pi1 and others. This is I can to configuration or not? Is there solution for this cases?

Frontend editing have now been released with TYPO3 9.5 compatibility and can be found here

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