TYPO3 User Experience Week 2018 (#T3UXW18) Recap

An event is always only as good as its participants - and as events go, this was a fantastic one. I’d like to thank everyone for joining, working, arguing and laughing together. Thank you, Rens Admiraal, Patrick Broens, Andreas Fernandez, Rachel Foucard, Carla Froitzheim, Kai van Grunsven, Oliver Hader, Richard Haeser, Philipp Hamid, Colin Hasenau, Fiona Hasenau, Jo Hasenau, Björn Jacob, Dirk Jüttner, Artus Kolanowski, Benjamin Kott, Marco Christian Krenn, Thomas Maroschik, Frank Nägler, Ingo Nolden, Luis Pato, Gernot Ploiner, Mathias Schreiber, Michael Straschek, Kay Strobach, Tom Warwick, Marc Wessels and Ralf Zimmermann. An additionally thanks Kay, Luis, Petra and Richard for taking all the pictures and making them available for this news.

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It was a very nice and productive week, thanks to all participants.