TYPO3 Community in June 2011

Thu. 21st July, 2011

The North American conference was held from June 9-11. San Fransisco is an awesome place to be and especially the European visitors enjoyed it to the max. The quality of the presentations was very high, as is expected with any T3CON. Jez Humble was a keynote speaker. His work with Continuous Delivery is changing the way companies approach software deployment. The US TYPO3 community is in its infancy, so it is a challenge to balance experienced developer with introductory material and Jez’s keynote really did that well. The majority of the sessions were geared towards seasoned TYPO3 developers and integrators, and there was also an introductory track dedicated to decision-makers and people interested in getting started with TYPO3. At the end of the conference Patrick Gaumond announced that the next North American conference will be in Quebec, Canada. Quebec has a fairly large TYPO3 community.

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