TYPO3 Bug Weekend: July 29th-31st 2011

Thu. 28th July, 2011

The Getting ready for a Bug Day page contains all relevant information, in particular about the setup you need to be an efficient bug hunter (code, tools, etc.). So don't fear joining even if you have never fixed bugs before. If this is your first TYPO3 Bug Weekend or Bug Day ever, don't worry about that, since a bunch of (core-) developers will support and guide you during the event.You may fix bugs at any time, but joining in a Bug Day makes it funnier, exchanging ideas and review requests online. During the last Bug Days we used IRC to communicate, but this time we aim to use our Big Blue Button server which also allows voice conversation during the event. As fallback we sill have our IRC channel (irc://irc.freenode.net/#typo3-bugday). The atmosphere is generally quite stimulating.

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