This Month in TYPO3 - January 2019 - Issue #10

Developing a website builder that provides perfectly fine TYPO3 websites: Read about DFAU’s motivation to boost website quality. Serving companies. Kick-starting websites. Supporting the community. The mission is in its name. This is ‘toujou’. Read more

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Dear TYPO3 news team,

i want to thank you for this new approach of generating more articles about how to use TYPO3 and which work is going on in the ecosystem. That has been a great decision and i think that is what excited me most about newsletters of other open source frameworks like docker.

I want to pick up the note of Luisa Faßbender

One of the main reasons why lots of people prefer WordPress over TYPO3 is the alleged simpler and more intuitive editing experience in the backend.

and apply it to the context of this news page: The commenting of this news page is currently done by pressing the comment button, getting redirected to another page with a different design and structure, logging in there and commenting then, then returning back to the news page. Maybe this can be more intuitive and comfortable by offering log-in and commenting on the news page directly?


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I second this.
Also, since the migration to talk, the internet is now full of dead links to leading users, that were looking for a solution to a googled TYPO3 problem to a generic looking “Welcome to” page that basically looks just like an unfinished TODO list. (and apparently no forum backups or they are just hard to find)

This is really confusing for anyone new to TYPO3.

Thx a lot for your feedback! I’ll get in touch with the maintenance team to improve the situation!