TER2 - Save your private extensions!

Tue. 3rd January, 2006

With the release of TYPO3 4.0 coming nearer, the TYPO3.org team now starts preparing the deployment of the new Extension Repository. The TER2 offers many new features and will improve speed and stability a lot. Because the extensions are now stored as files, the whole repository can be mirrored easily. The file-based approach has one side effect which affects all non-published extensions: The TER2 does not support private extensions anymore! Therefore, if you have uploaded an extension which is not (and probably won't be) published, please make sure that you have a local copy of it. All non-published extensions (marked as "private") will be discarded during the deployment of the new Extension Repository! We don't have a fixed date yet for the conversion from TER1 to TER2, but I recommend that you save your private extensions during the next 1-2 weeks. After the launch of TER2, there is no way for accessing your private extensions. Okay, I guess that's enough of a warning ... If you have any questions or feedback, you're welcome to post the in the TYPO3.org mailing list.

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