Sync pagetree to show currently opened page after search

In TYPO3 v10 I can search pages in the pagetree by clicking the “filter” icon and typing some text. Then I select one of the found pages, and its contents are shown on the right side.

Now I clear the page filter and the tree returns to its default view - but the currently active page is not visible in the tree.

Is there a way to “sync” the page tree to expand the necessary parent pages to show the page that is currently active in the content view?

That’s certainly a very good idea IMHO.
It probably does not even need a “sync” button UX-wise because if you activated a page from a search result it should be good to assume that you want to see that page in the page tree after you removed the filter.

You could try to hack something in your instance by adding JS to the backend.
Explaining the use case in TYPO3 Slack #cig-ux might get others on board.

A workaround i use i use the page context menu and select “mount as tree route” and then clear filter.

But the UX would be much better if i would not have to do that