State of TYPO3 URL handling

Tue. 3rd April, 2018

URL handling is by far the biggest topic on our road to TYPO3 v9, and the most wanted functionality to be integrated in the TYPO3 Core. We'd like to keep you updated on what happened so far and what we're working on next.

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I would really love to see that feature in 9LTS! Keep on…

Great news. Looking forward testing it in 9LTS. Nice work! :metal:

Woow Guys! Eager to see complete features with new backend module of Site Handling! We appreciate hard work of TYPO3 core guys!

This feature sounds really great! Happy to see so much progress in this area.
One thing I would like to ask: Can site configuration only reside in the typo3conf/sites directory or will it also be possible to provide them with my site package, where I also would store the TypoScript setup and templates, and already have a deployment and QA workflow?

All page translations were previously stored in the database on "pages_language_overlay". This has been migrated into the main "pages" database table with TYPO3 v9.0

Awesome news…

This is good idea but I am use now TYPO3 version 9.3.3 and I see domain.t3/?id=55. This is for core is non priority?