Results of the TYPO3 Education Committee sprint: Visions and actual plans

Thu. 17th July, 2014

We quickly decided to use the Walt-Disney-Method for our sprint, which divides the planning work in three stages: Vision, criticism and realism. It starts with a visionary stage to come up with and gather all great ideas. It has been quite hard to stick to a visionary point of view and keep away from downsides and implications that come with some visions. Fortunately there was always one of us prepared to hit the “don’t-criticize-now-it’s-vision-time-buzzer” right away and thus it was a great visionary Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. We came up with quite some ideas surrounding how an ideal campus would look: Newcomers will find their way into TYPO3 easily. Professionals will find an ongoing training environment to stay up to date with the latest technologies. Professional training providers will be involved and everything comes with a great learning community on- and offline. In addition to add a little fun to the experience we had quite some gamification visions too. The second stage of the Walt-Disney-Method is the critics stage. That means tearing to shreds all the visions, find downsides and negative implications. Basically all that was forbidden in the first stage. We spent quite some time on Friday afternoon with that and separating visions from criticism really is a very effective method and makes even criticism fun. At least kind of … to be honest, it is not easy to switch to party pooping mode after creating a great vision :).

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