Replace mailinglists, newsgroups and forum with Discourse - Voting

The TYPO3 Server Team is responsible for managing the server infrastructure related to the TYPO3 project. We’re in the process of streamlining our infrastructure, especially to remove legacy software not widely used and/or maintained anymore. This applies to the current mailing lists, newsgroups and forum software, which were built a long time ago by former team members, and where we see no clear upgrade path. Therefore, we would like to replace mailing lists, newsgroups and forum with a single Discourse forum.

We’ve tried to take all statements into account, please head over to the original discussion for details.


  • replace mailinglists, newsgroups and forum with a empty Discourse forum, keep readonly mailinglist archives (HTML version)
  • replace mailinglists, newsgroups and forum with a Discourse forum, try to fully migrate mailinglist content
  • remove mailinglists, newsgroups and forum altogether
  • don’t decide anything on a technical level right now, but draft a global strategy about the future communication requirements of the whole project
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There is no option to let all stay as it is.

Right. As explained in the corresponding topic, we’re unable to maintain the current stack anymore. Leave everything as it is is really no option therefore.

We’ve recognized that voting within the “Vote now!” category is only allowed for core team members. As we want to open up this decision to a broader audience, we’ve created a new “Vote now! (public)” category and moved this thread over there. Voting is now possible for everybody logged in with a account.

IMHO the old forum contents are also important, not only mailinglists.
While having them as an archive would be ok for me (but i did not read carefully enough (shame on me) and voted for the full-migration by accident).
EDIT: oh, great! I could correct my vote. Nice functionality!

I thought that everything written in the current forum is also sent to the mailinglists? If this is not true, we have to take a closer look indeed.

Yes, they are fully in sync.

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Actual votes have been lost during the migration from (see Consolidating Into For later reference, I attach a screenshot of the voting results here: