No more prolonging of ELTS versions after the initial 3 years

tbh, I am no fan of “court-driven development”. As a decision maker I am looking for platforms with a clear strategy in the first place, as a developer/integrator/whatsoever I do not want to deal with prehistoric stuff and as a “bean counter” I am looking for the cheapest solutions that would do the trick.

It’s primarily the third category of people that we are currently facing problems with the most because in these days their voice is becoming increasingly louder. They love ELTS, as it solves their immediate problems for a price point so ridiculously low that you have a hard time selling your actual agency services.
Although I suppose that many customers will in fact understand the underlying problem, the opportunity of moving the problem out of sight with such little effort and money to invest, is simply too appealing.


Another aspect is, that in most cases, we do not talk primarily to IT people, who might have a more profound understanding for the need of up-to-date software, but to sales, marketing and management people. If you tell these guys you can save some money by postponing a boring upgrade project and use this money for fancy campaigns, guess what will happen.


internezzo as a longtime TYPO3 partner demands exactly the same what Ingo Schmitt demands. We have already several times deposited this topic by mail to the GmbH, however, our concerns were not taken into account.
We are fully behind the demand of the Marketing Factory.

Daniel Bachmann CEO internezzo ag


Thank you @ischmittis for your contribution. We absolutely support the demands from Ingo Schmitt and his company.
We also have been questioned as agency by several clients about our consulting quality as we tried to convince them from an important upgrade and then, in the last minute, the LTS got prolonged.
I was talking multiple times to several persons from the TYPO3 GmbH but our input was also ignored.
We can absolutely live with 4 years LTS, if this is the need, but then, it has to be clearly communicated from the beginning of the LTS release cycle.
Thanks for listening to our needs, as we are the ones, generating business for TYPO3!

Lukas Rüegg, CEO RTP GmbH

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Just out of curiosity, has there ever been an “official answer” to this demand?

Do you really expect one? I don’t think that anyone from either GmbH or Association is going to get himself into hot water by confronting the agencies. Experience has shown that they usually kick the can down the road and avoid any kind of reaction.