Multiple vulnerabilities in third party extensions

Wed. 13th January, 2010

Several vulnerabilities have been found in the following third party TYPO3 extensions: MK-AnydropdownMenu (mk_anydropdownmenu), Photo Book (goof_fotoboek), SB Folderdownload (sb_folderdownload), Developer log (devlog), KJ: Imagelightbox (kj_imagelightbox2), Unit Converter (cs2_unitconv), powermail (powermail), TV21 Talkshow (tv21_talkshow), Helpdesk (mg_help), Vote rank for news (vote_for_tt_news), kiddog_mysqldumper (kiddog_mysqldumper), tt_news Mail alert (dl3_tt_news_alerts), TT_Products editor (ttpedit), User Links (vm19_userlinks), MJS Event Pro (mjseventpro), Googlemaps fr tt_news (jf_easymaps), BB Simple Jobs (bb_simplejobs), Reports for Job (job_reports), Clan Users List (pb_clanlist), Customer Reference List (ref_list), zak_store_management (zak_store_management), Reports Logfile View (reports_logview), Majordomo (majordomo), Tip many friends (mimi_tipfriends), VD / Geomap (vd_geomap)

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