Inhaltselement Bilder

Halli Hallo,

ich habe Typo3 10.4.21 installiert, lokal mit Xampp.

Funktioniert prima.

Jedoch: Beim Einfügen von Bildern in das Standard-Inhaltselement klicke ich an: Oben mittig und 2 Spalten.

Im Frontend werden aber alle Bilder untereinander angezeigt, nicht in 2 Spalten.

Was kann ich tun?



Hello Elmar,

welcome to Please stick to English with your question in the future, so more people can help your with your problem.

I need more information about your setup.
As your problem is located in the frontend, are you sure that the default CSS of TYPO3 is loaded on your website? TYPO3 provides own CSS which could be not loaded or not found.
If you have own CSS you need to look up if this is changing the image behaviour.

Hello Thomas,

How can I determine, whether the default CSS is loaded?

Do you mean the fluid_styled_content, this is included…


I changed / complemented the CSS with

ce-column {display:inline-block}