Image rendering

by Łukasz Uznański

What is your idea about?
We would like to revive initiative TYPO3 Image Rendering Initiative

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q1 2024?
"We believe that milestones set by initiative were fair, and that’s our goal by the end of Q1

Goals in detail:
Create a programming (Class) API for image processing inside TYPO3
Implement asynchronous images in BE & FE with FAL (at least one solution)
Proof of concept extension will be published on github as public repository (target is to merge as patch into core)"

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?
This will improve whole TYPO3 experience and working with images, also all TYPO3 websites would benefit from this idea.

Which budget do you need for your idea?
10.000 Euro

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Hi Łukasz! First of all, thank you for your initiative. I agree that image rendering is an important area where some work needs to be done.

I have a few questions and remarks to get a better grasp about what exactly you want to achieve with your initiative.

  1. Do you already have a vision about how a modern image processing API could look like? Are there other libraries or approaches in this area that you would consider as good examples where TYPO3 could learn from?

  2. Are there any main features that are currently missing from TYPO3 that you would like to add with your API?

  3. What would happen to the old API, e. g. used in TypoScript or ViewHelpers? Would there be some kind of migration path? Would the new API maybe even use the old API as a basis?

  4. How would you facilitate the communication between the core team, the community and your initiative concerning the design of the API? I would imagine that there are a lot of edge cases and special knowledge out there concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the current solution.

  5. Would your initiative be limited to the “PHP API” part, or would you also cover secondary APIs, such as ViewHelpers and TypoScript?

Just to make sure: I don’t think that you need to have all the answers to the questions above (because that’s what the initiative is for after all). I just want to get a feeling of your approach and ideas you already have. I’m looking forward to the discussion.


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We (I’m talking on behalf of my team) would like to address our experiences with file processing, specifically encountered during the PWA initiative and ext:headless development. We recognize that currently, image processing is predominantly handled in fluid viewhelpers, a setup that may not be ideal for this kind of logic implementation. To enhance our understanding and approach, we are considering a step back to thoroughly analyze and research this area. Our aim is to develop a detailed, technical blueprint that can outline proposed implementation.

Here’s our roadmap:

  1. Investigate the current state and identify existing problems.
  2. Conduct research and analysis of market solutions and find one that fits TYPO3 best.
  3. Draft a document outlining our next steps and proposals, engage with the core team, and develop a technical concept.
  4. Feedback loop with core team and community

The expected outcome is a blueprint for technical changes that will guide our further budget considerations.

Regarding your specific questions:
2. Asynchronous frontend image processing and the feasibility of integrating different image processing providers, like imgproxy.
3. Our strategy includes offering a smooth migration path through an abstraction layer, with plans to deprecate the old API eventually.
4. We aim to prepare a technical blueprint for our proposed solution and seek feedback from the core team and the TYPO3 community, improving our solution iteratively.
5. If feasible, we plan to extend coverage to ViewHelpers and TypoScript, adapting them to interact with the image processing service via the new abstraction layer.

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