How would you search in TYPO3 Backend?

“john doe”
sandstorm butter
developer integrator (but if both are found, they should be higher ranked)

on top of that, I also want to search like: tt_content:123

  1. “John Doe”
  2. sandstorm +butter
  3. developer integrator
  1. “John Doe”
  2. sandstorm butter
  3. developer || integrator

From a personal perspective, the Google Search Query Language ist what makes most sense to me but I’m aware of cultural bias and by this I mean that I (and I assume most of the people who’ve answered this topic this far) was born in a pre-internet era and raised at a time where you wouldn’t find when typing solely typo3 cms so you’d have to quote it (as proposed by 90% of you).

This syntax gives you a lot of control over the way the search works (or at least it gives you the illusion of control) since you know that the words typo3 and cms would be queried exactly like that when typing "typo3 cms". But that’s me, that’s us, we the generation (of all ages) who grew up when altavista was still the place to go and google was still a small business.

As a CTO and Product Owner, knowing my systems by heart, I want to be able to shape the way the system should look for a result since I know what I’m looking for and the form it should have (because I’m entitled and have a high estimate about what I know and I want to find).

Looking at how the whole user experience around search engines and the internet in general evolved in the last 10 years, I think the right choice here would be to let people choose the type of search they’d prefer.

In the end, the user should get an experience that he or she expects, so implementing something like a switch between search types would be nice I think, so that the people with high self-esteem about their tech skills like myself can still properly work with the search by “controlling what the machine does and queries for me” and someone who just needs a search can type in everything they like and get useful results for them.


  • everyone gets an appropriate UX according to their tech affinities
  • makes the product sexier since everyone gets it their way


  • implementation gets quite complicated
  • user might get irritated if badly introduced to this feature

Assuming a sensible search:

  1. “john doe”
  2. sandstorm +butter
  3. developer integrator

In real world as I the above spelling is in my experience ignored anyway:

  1. john doe
  2. sandstorm butter
  3. developer integrator
  • “john doe”
  • sandstorm butter
  • developer integrator

“John Doe”
sandstorm + butter
developer integrator

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