How to create a custom carousel for file downloads?


I am evaluating typo3 and was wondering how would someone go about creating a file download module for a file folder in a page, that would display as a carousel of files (with thumbnails according to file types). I know bootstrap gives the carousel functionality and file downloads can show file type thumbnails but how does someone could in principle combine the functionality of carousel downloads?


It’s up to you to define the rendering of every content. Either of the default content elements (CE) or of records of extensions.
First you need to decide which kind of records should be used for your file representatives. Then you modify the templates to result in a markup appropriate to your needs.

for your problem the given CE 'File Links [uploads] ’ could be useful, which generates a list of links to files. Modify the rendering so that each link is a carousel item.
Or you use a carousel CE (e.g. in the bootstrap-package) and linkk the carousel content to your files.

So when you say “modify the rendering” of uploads, you mean override Uploads.html in \public\typo3conf\ext\bootstrap_package\Resources\Private\Templates\ContentElements in order to apply the Carousel logic from Carousel.html, right?

Also, the reverse, to modify carousel CE to link the carousel to the files is the same thing but starting from carousel, right? Or do you mean some other “link” approach?

in general yes. that are possible ways.
but don’t modify any files from extensions (you down own). You will loose the option to update.
in TYPO3 exists a mechanism to replace single files from a system of FLUID templates.

Thanks! I am going to read a bit more about typoscript before messing with these. I tried to copy stuff from carousel to files and I saw that it was picking up the changes (of course it hasn’t work yet)