Help Wanted: 5.0 Jobs

Thu. 6th December, 2007

Although a project like the development of TYPO3 5.0 is really a bunch full of work, it's not always easy to portion it into little easy-to-digest chunks you could hand out to volunteers. However, we now started to prepare a list of jobs we need help with for those who don't want to dedicate their life (yet) to TYPO3 development but think that helping us is a great idea (and Christmas gift ...). If you own a company and ask yourself what to do with all your highly motivated idle employees, we have some suggestions for you as well. Currently we need most help with improving the infrastructure and our website(s). If that sounds like your favorite pastime, check out our new jobs page. We will add new tasks every now and then, so make sure to revisit it (until we have found someone who creates an automatic RSS generation for us ;-) ). Thanks a lot for your support!

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