HCI brainstorming

Tue. 16th May, 2006

Hi TYPO3 Community, According to our roadmap we are now aiming for version 4.5 of TYPO3. That version is focused on enhancing "ease-of-use" in TYPO3 - enabling people to communicate. This is not limited to the backend skin, AJAX implementations, sheer usability improvements while it includes those. Ease-of-use will be on all levels: For the developer, the administrator and the end-user. Some improvements are no-brainers which we have talked about for years. Others are more tricky and involves management of the risk of actually making it worse since we have a legacy to respect as well. Therefore we wish to invite very broad participation into this work; we need skills reaching further than the usual PHP suspects ;-) To have an initial bazaar startup I have created the Human-Computer-Interface (HCI) team identified by a mailing list (link below) which for now is public. I invite everyone who is interested in this subject to subscribe to the list. Introduce yourself, offer your ideas and competences, present suggestions to how we can run this process in a way so we true knowledge of what to improve for version 4.5 - on all levels. Don't be too specific at first; let focus generally on where to focus and how to do that - jointly! Sincerely, your captain, - kasper

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