Final decision on the flash message rendering

I’m with helhum. Symfony console component has something similar for colored command line output.

There you can use xml tags to add further “semantics” to parts of your output, e.g. <error> or <info>. As mentioned before markdown and bb codes are the same.

Combined with Helmuts answer this means we should add special domain “language” to be handled?

We already have this in TYPO3 using parseFunc already in Fluid and TypoScript to define which tags are ok, combined with classes and further stuff. Still I don’t think we should use this feature in modern parts, instead we should use something new.
And as Helmut also pointed out, it should be independent from HTML, as possible output might be a json or xml response in a webservice or we might be in CLI context, which does not sound like a typical place for flash messages to me, but if we want to reuse code, they might get into further places and used in different contexts?

Concerning flash messages in cli, i stumbled over this package today

For me it’s fine that the message do not contain HTML, such messages are looking crazy on console. On the other side, coloring or highlighting words is necessary sometimes. So extending the API with small features in this place would be nice. But, we shouldn’t support any fancy possibility.

We have 4 types (Ok, hint, warning, error) with their colors. To this I would only add bold/italic/underline as style. About word color I’m undecided, as it may break with the coloring of the message types.

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