Extension Development: V12 Update - what do i miss


I opened some issues in forge.typo3.org. All of them seem to be related to the same topic:

There must be something i miss… What do i need to adjust in my local dev environment to make typo3 treat my root package as a regular typo3 extension? There are so many issues/bugs/problems with paths since the upgrade.

My Setup is as described here:

Only - i use this setup to develop the extension. Not for unit testing etc.

A quick shoot: you need at least two composer projects/packages; your TYPO3 project itself and your extensions.

Your TYPO3 project will “require” your TYPO3 extension project.

You follow the wrong tutorial to set up for development. Testing is for testing.
Read up around here: Extension development — TYPO3 Explained main documentation

Wow - did not need that until V12. I am maintaining a stack of about 10 Extensions for at least 2 TYPO3 Versions (i dont like Extensions to support multiple typo3 versions). So you tell me i need to maintain twice as many repositories now?

So the number of repositories i need to maintain / update will be:

Extensions * supportedVersions * 2

This means i need to maintain 40 code bases. Thats more than we have customers in that stack :D:D

I guess you are totally fine with one TYPO3 installation that includes all your extensions, or switches the extensions. There probably is no need to have one TYPO3 installation per TYPO3 extensions.

There probably is no need to have one TYPO3 installation per TYPO3 extensions


Those extensions are agnostic and i want to prevent errors with wrong utilizations or assumptions made by myself or others, that work on those components.

Well that’s up to the devs I’d argue. It is important to have proper tests. Manual testing is … manual testing. What else do you need the TYPO3 installation for?

What else do you need the TYPO3 installation for

For example to add V12 support. Or In some other cases i get error reports and want to know if its the extension or the implementation. By creating a test case in a minimal sandbox (without any implementation addons like PSR14 events, overloaded partials, added styles, manipulated tsconfig, typoscript, etc etc) i can often find out about that.