Community Expansion Initiative Workgroup

Mon. 29th October, 2018

What is your idea about?

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Is this only about CMS Africa again? What about countries closer that needs some time / investment as well like Greece or the UK? I think we can do more with less money in those countries. So thats why I like to know if the budget is purely for Africa (the subject suggest it is for more countries, your text is really focussed on Africa)

Hi Richard.

Thanks for your question here.

What I am trying to achieve is to form a community expansion committee that would create a mid term concept on how to reach out to other communities in the world. Last year we were able to visit CMS Africa in Kigali.

It turned out that Ruanda has over 200 TYPO3 websites and that they need help to keep those websites running. Additionally they asked us to help them to build up capacity with TYPO3. As I type Daniel Hommorodean is back in Ruanda for a next steps meeting.

In 2019 I would like to see TYPO3 visiti CMS Africa in Capetown to continue our visitbility outside Europe.

As to extension to UK or Greece I am open to discuss on how to be visilble there. But this is something that we also need to see if T3G can be of any help here, too.

My suggestion is to identify Webcentered Events in those conrtries and to visit as TYPO3 envoys.
This last week visited Opensource Summit in Paris and held a Presentation on TYPO3 (Thanks Rachel F.!).

I am looking forward for friends to join this idea and commitee.