Call for Marketing Contribution

Choosing the right CMS for an organization is a tough decision, and one that is increasingly made by marketers instead of the IT department. We need to get our message across to these decision makers. Even better, we can get these non-technical contributors involved in our community!

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we are looking for a CMS that meets all our requirements we have.

Here is a list:

multi-language support

product presentation

B2B Shop Connection / Integration (login for customers)


Responsive Design

Dependence from service providers

chat tool

Data interface to an ERP system


Breadcrumb navigation


Integration possibilities of Google Tag Manager & Co.

Free access to the code

Description & Title


Planning function for publishing content

Appointment agreement via appointment calendar

Login for customers

Special CMS knowledge required?

Germany-wide support accessibility

Agency support

We would look forward to hearing from the community if Typo3 is the right system for us!

Thank you!