Better name for AdminPanel

I still think it’s a “Debug Bar” or even a “Developer Toolbar” - even with the Preview and Simulation features in it. If editors use it to clear the cache of a page or content simulation in my opinion it’s still for debugging. I don’t think it’s meant as a “editor tool” , at best it’s a workflow issue when it’s used that way.

However this just adds one more reason it should be renamed.

I’ve done some research and basically all systems call this a “Debug Bar” in various forms:
Symfony: “Debug Toolbar”
Laravel/Statemic: “Debug Bar”
Wordpress: “Debug Bar”
Magento: “Debug Bar” or “Developer Toolbar”
Neos: “Debug Panel”
Joomla!: “Debug Console”
BoltCMS: “Debug Bar”
Grav CMS: “Debug Bar”
OctoberCMS: “Laravel Debug Bar”

For CMS’ without native Debugging Tools I just used the most downloaded/active debug plugin/extension for the CMS as example that is a bar like the “Admin Panel”.

Thanks @bberger for doing the heavy-lifting on the research of names from other tools :+1:t4:

Good topic, and yes, naming things is “hard” (in general there is no right or wrong, I’d say). I strongly recommend dropping the name “Admin” in this tool or multiple tools. The “Admin Panel” It’s a website toolbar or a website panel. I also agree in not using “Frontend” in any connection. Just some random ideas (although I agree that the research from @bberger is great):

  • In-Site Toolbar
  • Website Panel
  • Page Inspector
  • Website Console / Site Console

Side note on the TypoScript setting: Activating this thing via TypoScript is a stupid idea IMHO (however, we need to check if the output is HTML, and not JSON for example), should be doable via User Settings / User Group Settings as a separate field.

I’m just randomly throwing this in:

Kind of looks familar imho, yet still a “debug bar” :wink: I’m not sure if there really is a need to re-invent the wheel in wording/naming here…

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