A Brand New Way

Mon. 1st October, 2012

The TYPO3 world is evolving. Rapidly. 15 years after Kasper Skaarhoj typed the first line of code for our most beloved content management system TYPO3, we - the TYPO3 community - have so many ways of connecting and sharing. Different ways to share by coding with TypoScript, Fluid, Extbase and FLOW3, through the TYPO3 Association that keeps hold of the brand and fosters the product development and through events like T3BOARD, our world-wide conferences T3CON and community-organized bar-camps. From 2006 on, when Robert Lemke and Karsten Dambelkans started the new era of coding for TYPO3, we were anticipating the next generation of TYPO3, which will finally arrive as a first alpha for the TYPO3 Conference in Stuttgart.

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