10 frequently asked TYPO3 questions

TYPO3 NEOS is the new product. What's going on with the 'old' one (i.e. TYPO3 CMS)? A [Mathias Schreiber]: Well, after a short period of gathering focus and strength in the time Benni Mack, the Team and me came up with a mission statement for the years to come - Embrace & Innovate. Since then we have undertaken huge steps, bigger than anything done before in the entire project. We streamlined processes, made taking decisions easier and most importantly of all: unblocked and motivated the team. The feedback we have gotten from the outside gives us confidence that we are on the right track with that. Apart from the the concept of a Product Owner as a central contact both technically and business-wise has been picked up very positively by the community - showing that the relevance of TYPO3 CMS did not really decay over the last years.

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